Since I started this blog a few months back I mainly intended for it to be aimed at beginners. I love introducing people to vaping and helping them kick the ciggies, that’s the main goal. But for some people vaping begins to turn into a hobby and they start looking at other people’s gear and begin to want more out of their vaping experience. So with that, I would like to touch on coil building a little.

Just a few basics to begin with: Every pre-manufactured wick has a coil built inside of it, and every coil is rated by ohms, which is an electrical reading measured by resistance. When I started vaping most coils were anywhere between 2-5 ohms. These are what you would call “safe” coils. The lower the ohm reading, the hotter and more volatile the coil can become. Anything below 1 ohm is considered “sub-ohming” and this is where a lot of experienced vapers hit their sweet spot, but also where you have to really start being careful. Let me be clear, vaping CAN be dangerous, but I want to help with that. Now, there are many “sub-ohm” tanks on the market now that are awesome, but sometimes you just want to “drip” and that is where building your own coils comes into play.

So the first (and only) thing you will need isn’t wire, or wire cutters or pliers or even a Rebuildable Dripping Attomizer (RDA.) The very first (and only) thing you will need is someone with you who knows what they’re doing. Without an experienced builder to guide you you can get yourself into trouble, and this isn’t a joke. If you don’t know anyone who fits that criteria then you need to watch YouTube videos, like a lot of them. I’m not kidding when I say DO NOT TRY TO DO THIS ON YOUR OWN AT FIRST, or at least without doing a ton of research.

Why is safety so important? Because batteries can be very dangerous. Even if you aren’t sub-ohming you can seriously injure yourself by not knowing what you’re doing.

And that’s it. I’m sorry if you thought I was going to delve into the whole process of how building works and what you need to buy and all of that jazz, but there just aren’t enough ways through words that I can guide you on this. Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of dumb shit online wherein an inexperienced vaper tries to start building on their own and either hurts themselves or ruins the device they purchased. The fact of the matter is, no matter how much building gear you buy, you shouldn’t be doing this alone from the start.

Find someone and start with the basics, that’s it. I had intentionally starting writing this post with the purpose of guiding people on what RDAs to purchase and what wire to start with and all of that, but as I typed and the gears started turning in my melon I realized that I just can’t do it justice through words. This post is a warning to anyone wanting to start building their own coils.

Building is fun, and the vapor production and flavor that you can experience from it are out of this world, you just have to know what you’re doing and be careful, and the best way to learn all of this is through help and research.

Vape safe, guys!

Stay tuned..


I’m back

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Hey guys, remember me? The “Weekly” Newsvapor hasn’t exactly been very weekly lately. I should rename it The Every Three Month Newsvapor. I’ve been gone far too long, and if you enjoy my take on all things vape related, I apologize for my absence.

Allow me to explain my lack of posting recently. When I started this blog last year my major intent was to give people who smoke a fresh outlook on this whole “vaping” thing. I had a lot to say right off the bat, and I think I said it all too fast. A buddy of mine, who is a far superior writer than I am, told me that a blog is a marathon, not a sprint. Well, I took his advance, crumpled it up in a ball and said “Screw you, man. I have shit to say!” This obviously didn’t end up being such a fantastic idea, as you can tell by my recent sag in production.

I also started focusing more on my coil building and trying to boost my social media presence through Instagram. Any free time I have had in the past few months has been solely focused on building.

That same writer friend of mine was also nice enough to draw out a very detailed outline on how to properly interview people and present said interviews via my very limited journalistic skills, and that’s really what I have planned next. I’m also open to ideas on subjects as well. If there’s something that you, the reader, would like to see written about, please let me know.

I’m back.

Stay tuned…


Vapesode 8. Vaping Etiquette

Posted: January 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

When e-cigs were first introduced into the world as a viable alternative to cigarettes one of the biggest selling points that I remember is that you could do it indoors. And while we don’t yet know what, if any, effects second-hand vapor has on people, being able to enjoy your nicotine inside is great. But there’s a caveat, don’t be an asshole!

When my wife and I bought our first home I was still a smoker, but we knew that we wouldn’t be allowing cigarette smoke inside our luxurious new dwelling. It lingers, it stains, and ashes will inevitably end up getting flown around and making a mess. When I made the switch to vaping one of the main reasons I did it was so that I didn’t have to go out in the freezing weather to enjoy my nicotine. Even if someone around you doesn’t enjoy the smell of the particular juice you are vaping it will dissipate and you won’t be left with any of the nasty residue that is left by conventional cigarettes. As an HVAC tech, I am constantly walking into customer’s houses who smoke, and the smell is overwhelming, especially now that I have been reformed.

Here is where we come to our crossroad: with great vaping comes great responsibility. My motto on vaping in public places goes as follows, “When in doubt, don’t do it.” There have been many advances in electronic cigarettes just in the past year alone, and blowing huge clouds inside the movie theater, while others are trying to watch a movie they just paid $15 to see, is rude and inconsiderate, it’s that simple. The “It’s not smoking, I’ll do what I want” crowd is embarrassing to our community and give a bad name to those of us responsible vapers.

I deal with vaping in public establishments a couple different ways. If I’m in a bar environment I will probably vape stealthily, and try not to exhale near, or in anyone’s face. If I am approached by an employee about said vaping I just apologize and stop. Most bars used to let you smoke inside of them anyway, so I feel that vaping probably isn’t going to ruffle any feathers. Now, If I’m in a restaurant, that has a bar ambiance to it, I will most likely ask an employee what their vaping policy is. Some places are cool with it, some aren’t. But if they are, this by no means gives a vaper the right to start blowing gigantic clouds and be obnoxious about it. Respect the fact that these places are cool with vaping and don’t abuse the privilege. Movie theaters, fancy restaurants, and establishments that are kid friendly? Just don’t do it, period. And finally, there’s vaping in a non-vaper/non-smoker’s house. Just ask. If you don’t ask before you fire up your mod in someone’s house you’re a dick and that’s all there is to it.

When you make the decision to kick the sticks and switch to vaping you are also making the decision to represent a growing community of people trying to dispel the ridiculous scrutiny we have recently been getting in the media. Please don’t mess it up for everyone else. When in doubt, just treat vaping like smoking. If you don’t feel like it’s an appropriate time or place to vape, don’t do it.

Stay tuned…


Vapesode 7. Media scrutiny

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

As vaping becomes a rising trend, and more importantly, a viable and realistic alternative to cigarettes, there has been an increasing, and sometimes alarming, amount of media scrutiny.

I, for one, believe that a lot of these naysayers are paid by big tobacco to try and scare newcomers into sticking with the cancer sticks and avoiding a great way to get away from the shackles of $6 per pack. Now, while I know that tobacco companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on e-cig research, I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy nut with a tin-foil hat on my head. I just want to focus on the ridiculous things that are said by people who aren’t informed on the matter.

Is the jury still out on the possible harmful effects of vaping? Yes. “Juice” is a new thing, and isn’t yet regulated by the FDA, but that doesn’t mean, by any means, that it is more harmful than cigarettes. Hell, the FDA regulates cigarettes, and we know that those are bad for you. Not to mention that big tobacco is now producing FDA regulated cig-a-likes to combat the growing “underground” vape movement, so that they can still cash in.

If you Google “Camels and my doctor” you will find that physicians once “tested and approved” certain brands of cigarettes. There are even commercials stating that “more doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette.” We now know, with research and time, that cigarettes are going to be the cause of every smokers demise at some point in their life.

As I make this point about doctors I realize that it may sound as if I’m making an argument against vaping. Maybe it sounds like I’m saying doctors are idiots and that 30 years down the road we will find out that vaping makes you grow a third nipple or makes your toes fall off, but consider the alternative for a moment. Take something that you know for a fact is bad for you and replace it with something that neither I, nor any other vaper I know, has had a bad experience with. Would you like to exercise without feeling like you’re about to die? Would you like to be able to taste food again? Would you like to have your friends and family hug you without cringing? Yes? Well these are all things that I have experienced since I made the switch.

What I’m trying to say, in a nutshell, is ignore the bullshit. You know for a fact that smoking will kill you eventually, why not try an alternative? Should you vape? Honestly, probably not. Inhaling anything into your lungs, aside from air, probably isn’t healthy for you. But you’re doing it anyway, so go the route that many others have taken, and kick the sticks.

Now, I would like to quickly focus on “WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS?” I have seen so much (sorry if I get angry here,) MOTHERF***ING, C**KS***ING, B*LLSH*T about the “kid friendly flavors of e-cigs.” Stop, just stop already. Are there juices flavored as candy and cereal and cakes and custards? Yes! Does that mean children will instantly be drawn to vaping? Absolutely not! Listen real close…ADULTS EAT CANDY TOO!

We live in a fear mongering, media driven, “I need controversy now” society and this kind of shit isn’t helping. There have been alcoholic drinks flavored like your favorite sweets for many years. What little boy doesn’t love cars? Does that mean you can’t let him watch car movies because you’re afraid he’ll steal your keys and jump behind the wheel of your Range Rover? I mean, shit, there are laws in place for things like this. If an underage person wants to find a way to do something they will do it, and it will have absolutely, 100%, nothing to do with the flavor of a juice, or the movie they watched. I started smoking seriously at 16, and those things tasted like shit!

This bit about the flavors and the kids really gets my jimmies rustled because it’s just a headline. It’s a simple, stupid, way for news organizations, websites and tobaccos companies to say “Look over here, we’re trying to protect your children!” It’s ridiculous and has no place in our community.

Overall, the “what about the future of vaping” and “what about the children” arguments are just ways to try and keep people away from this awesome way to stay alive longer and be healthier. I’ll admit, this vapesode has turned into a semi-rant, but it had to come out. Once my brain started churning any my fingers started moving, neither would stop. I am extremely passionate about everything vape related (that’s why I started a blog, duh) and this one really gets my goat.

I love you guys, and I promise that interviews are coming soon.

Stay tuned…


It’s time to celebrate!

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Yes, fellow vapers, it has been a couple weeks since I’ve posted a “Weekly” Newsvapor. I have been very busy with work and there just hasn’t been any extra time for my mind to churn out hilarious vape related blogs in the recent days.

However, I cannot let this date slip by without announcing that today, December 2nd, is my Vaporversary! That’s right, I have been one year cigarette free as of 6:00 AM eastern standard time.

I’ve never felt better, and I have a lot of people to thank for my progress. YOU, the vape community are awesome! When I ventured into vaping I never imagined the people I would meet, the support I would get, or the fun that I would have, all while I was getting off cigarettes.

Thank you to everyone, really! Happy Vaporversary to me!


Vapesode 6. You have to want it

Posted: November 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

I went to one of my favorite vape spots the other day and I ended up having a lengthy conversation with my friend, the shop owner, and it really started turning the gears in my head, which is now leading to this newest post. He was talking about a daughter who brought her mother into the shop and was essentially browbeating her mom into trying to quit smoking and start vaping. I feel like my first few posts may have focused a little too much on how easy it is to switch, and how you should and can make the transition very easily if you put your mind to it. I still feel this way and I still know that it is the truth, but ultimately YOU have to want it.

I have had many encounters with my friends, and even strangers, who still smoke, in which I try to convince them that vaping is the future and the path that they should be taking. A friend of mine even referred to me as the “Vaping Evangelist.” While this doesn’t bother me in any way, I have come to realize that this will never get me anywhere unless the smoker holds the desire to kick the sticks.

For all vapers out there, you’re doing the right thing. There is no harm in introducing vaping to people who you see sucking on a Camel, but just know that not everyone is willing to make the leap. Let’s face it, for some people it can be hard to make a commitment to a battery, a charger, juice, wicks, leaking tanks, ect. and some people just aren’t prepared for it, especially if it’s a 55 year old who has been smoking for 40 of those years. But, if said smoker holds the desire to get healthier, and not smell like smoke, and to live to an old age, they will commit.

It breaks my heart when I see someone vaping one day and smoking a cigarette a week later, but it happens. At least they now know that there are alternatives, and maybe one day they will get back on track, but you can’t let it get you down.

For smokers, vaping will not taste like the cigarettes that you’re used to, and it probably won’t give you the complete satisfaction that you had when you were smoking…at first. But, with time and commitment, these things will come. As a long time smoker, I know that I had to learn how to smoke, and then I learned how to vape. One is better for you than the other and I’m the proof, as are many other vapers that I know.

Backsliding is something that I did not experience when I decided to make the switch, but a lot of people are prone to it. Vapers and smokers alike, it’s okay. If someone you know is holding a battery one day and a cigarette the next, let it go. But when that same person tells you that they’ve been off cigarettes for 2 days, or a week, or 6 months, give them a huge congratulations and tell them how proud you are of them. It may sound cheesy, but it matters!

This Vapesode came out a little more serious than any of my other ones, but this has been weighing on my mind for a little while now and I had to get it out, for you and for me. Don’t worry, loyal vapers and vaperettes, there will be more jokes to come…and interviews, interviews are right around the corner!

Stay tuned…


Vapesode 5. Getting healthy

Posted: November 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Let’s face it, vaping is turning into a pretty big movement these days. I have had countless people, whether they were a smoker, are a smoker, or have never touched a smoke, say to me “Man, I see those electronic cigarette stores everywhere now.” Now, some of these “vape shops” are just straight up cash-grabs and the owners have no particular interest in legitimately helping people. You will note that the cash-grab shops also sell tobacco and tobacco related items. Forget about those places, they’re just trying to make a quick buck on a growing “trend,” as they see it. I only give my money to legitimate vape shops that are in it to genuinely help people get off cigarettes. And what is the real reason to help complete strangers kick the sticks? To get healthy, of course!

I’m not here to spew medical jargon, show you my doctor records, or lay out a spreadsheet of the benefits, (I gotta keep this thing interesting, right?) I’m just here to give you my experience and explain how much better I feel.

As a smoker, the first thing I did every morning, before lighting my first cig, was hack out about 2 pounds of lung butter. Any long time smoker is acutely aware of that disgusting nasal/throat hock sound that you make when you’re trying to get a real juicy one to dislodge itself from the back of your nose to your throat. My wife hated this sound with the fire of a thousand suns. And in hindsight, it was pretty gross. Well, as I now approach my first anniversary of being smoke free, that sound is all but gone. If I have to hock a loogie these days I know that I’m either getting sick, or my allergies are flaring up. So that’s number one, no more hocky hockersons.

Another real quick note on the topic of getting sick is that a cold never sticks around for long anymore, at least for me anyway. If I catch myself feeling a little shitty, or come down with a runny nose, it never lasts more than a day or 2. That’s because I don’t have the cigarettes to tear down my immune system while my body is trying to fight off the virus. So that can be number two, Sickness is a rarity.

Now let’s focus on breathing. Before I started working in heating and air, I was a pizza guy for many years. I was making it rain pies all over the Miami Valley for a large portion of my life, and in that time nothing was worse to me than the sight of a flight of stairs. 12 steps, that’s all it took for me to dread that delivery. I would be huffing and puffing by the time I got to the customer’s door like I just ran the goddamn Boston Marathon. Today, in my field of work, I am constantly climbing flights of stairs, climbing ladders, carrying tools, crawling through attics and crawl spaces, and just generally exerting the hell out of myself…and I’ve never felt better! Exercise is really awesome, and I’m here to prove it. About 3 months ago I started putting in some serious time on my elliptical, trying to shed a few pounds around my beer gut, and it can actually be fun. And the sleep, that’s the best part! I sleep like a baby now. I used to need at least one late night cocktail to calm my nerves and help my sleep, but now I just exercise, eat some dinner, lay down, and it’s lights out. So that’s number three, breathing is cool, right?

Look, let’s face it, inhaling any sort of foreign matter into your lungs probably isn’t “good” for you, but consider the alternative. I wouldn’t even go so far as to say it’s one evil versus another. To me, vaping isn’t an evil, it’s a far superior and much healthier way to enjoy nicotine, and I have proved it to myself. I just came up with 3 simple reasons why vaping is better than smoking off the top of my head, and as time passes I’m sure I will find many more, up to, but not limited to, not smelling like a disgusting ashtray, but those benefits will be discussed another day.

Stay tuned…


My boy took the first step today by asking me to take him to a shop and pick up his first set of gear. I suggested the MVP2 starter kit and he happily made his purchase. This 2 pack a day smoker is on his way to kicking the sticks! Congratulations, Nick and good luck!


Vapesode 4. The social aspect

Posted: November 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

As I was sitting here, gathering all of my gear in preparation for a vape meet, (yes, there are meets,) this evening, this latest post idea came to me in a flurry of inspiration…The social aspect of vaping!

I, as I’m sure a lot of us in the community did, picked up my first electronic cigarette to get healthier and to work my way off of those regular old, disgusting, real cigarettes. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, in an extremely good way.

How often did/do you go to “cigarette meets,” or sit around with your friends talking about the latest pack you bought and how fantastic they are? Never? Me either. I’ve been in the vape game for 11 months now and I gotta say, I love discussing vaping, vape gear, builds, juices, tanks, RDAs, and any other plethora of vape related topics, sometimes ad nauseam, according to my wife. But, there was a whole new aspect out there that I was completely missing out on, until last night…The Vape Meet!

If you’re still a smoker looking to kick the habit, or a newbie to vaping, or an experienced vaper who has somehow missed this wonderful party atmosphere, (like I was,) go to the next vape meet in your town! I do a lot of sitting around in vape shops and shooting the shit with other like-minded people, but never had I experienced something so cool before.

When I think about all of the people I have met, and all the friends I have made, and just the sheer enjoyment that complete strangers get when you tell them how long you’ve been smoke free, I get a warm, fuzzy, feeling in my stomach. This community is so awesome, and if you’re not a part of it you are seriously missing out!

Smokers, newcomers, and veterans alike are all welcome. There’s no registration fee, there’s no membership card, and there’s absolutely no judgement. If you’re still looking to kick the cigs, come in, chat, get set up with a starter kit. If you just started vaping yesterday and you have the most basic set-up known to man, come in, chat, learn more. I can almost guarantee you that you will be met with a huge smile, a “how can I help you?” and a group of friends that you never knew you had.

Not looking to make new friends? That’s fine, too. Just come in, get set up and get off of those damn cancer sticks. But, for the love of god, please don’t go into your local vape shop and ask “Do you guys sell bongs?”!

Stay tuned…


Any experienced vaper can tell you, that when it comes to learning the ropes, there can definitely be a steep curve. I’m here to quell those fears for you. The “Intimidation Factor” shouldn’t play a part in your decision making when it comes to taking the first step in getting off cigarettes. So here’s my tutorial on how to take the leap.

My first bit of advice is, when starting out, go to an actual shop. Don’t buy your first set of gear online. “Vape Mail” is a term you hear a lot in the vape community, forget about that for now. The reason is simple, you get to actually touch the shit!

Sidebar: Let me take a little detour here and tell you that, in my experience, 90-95% of all shop owners and employees are more than willing to help anyone, especially someone who says “I’m new, where do I start?” If you walk into a shop and you are ignored, unless they’re super busy, you walk your happy ass right out that door and find another place to go. This community is all about helping people free themselves of that nasty habit we all had at one point, and I’ve made so many acquaintances and had so many great conversations among these folks, that anyone not willing to look you in the eye and help you out isn’t worth your time or your money.

Now, back to “Touching the shit.”

You walk in, a shop employee says “How can I help you?” This is where you stick your chest out and proudly exclaim “I’M NEW HERE, AND I WANT TO QUIT SMOKING!” After the smattering of applause from everyone in the shop, you get down to business. This is where the real (and sometimes overwhelming) fun begins. You’ll learn about starter kits, juice flavors, nicotine strengths, batteries, and all kinds of other shit you never knew existed. Take a deep breath and relax, these people know their stuff and are here to help you. Most importantly, when faced with this situation, avoid the “Intimidation Factor.” DO NOT look at other people’s gear, this is where the learning curve comes in. A lot of us experienced vapers are bums and like to hang out in shops and shoot the shit, (without buying a goddamn thing,) and we’re using vaping gear that will only confuse you and make you feel like you are light years away from knowing what the hell is going on. Just focus on the tutorial that the shop employee is giving you and you’ll be fine. And, for the love of god, ask questions! There is no stupid question, especially when making the first step. Admit it, you don’t know shit about shit and whoever you’re talking to is doing the teaching at this point. Just have complete humility and ask as many questions as you see fit.

So, “What do I buy?” That’s the real question, right? Well, a lot of people will tell you to start out with an Ego pen, and that’s fine, tons of people start out with Egos, but I would suggest going with something a little better and a little more expensive. Why? The reason is simple; the more your initial investment is, the more apt you are to stick with it. A lot of my friends, who are still smokers, say “$100? That’s ridiculous!” Is it? How much money do you spend on tasteless cigarettes that make you feel like shit? Drop the coin and you’ll be more likely to commit. Also, BUY TWO TANKS! Another thing a lot of my smoker friends say, after I’ve at least gotten them to take the first step, is “Well, my tank was leaking, so I’m smoking again.” Ask someone, yo! Go back into the shop and tell them that your tank is leaking, ask them how to fix it, buy another one. Starter tanks are like $7, a pack of smokes is at least $5.

Then comes the juice! Try them all! When I first started I wanted something as close to that gross cigarette taste as I could get, and that’s perfectly fine, but try everything. Another thing you will come to learn, in this community, is that we talk about “palate” a lot. “What is your palate?” There’s Fruits, Desserts, Creams & Custards, Menthols, and so on and so forth. Find out what you like. Every juice in every shop should have tester tanks that you can slap on a battery and give it a go. And the farther you get away from ciggies, the more your taste buds will come back to life and you’ll start to enjoy different flavors. I would probably puke if I tried a tobacco flavored juice today.

It’s that easy folks, it really is. The biggest part is committing to it. When I talk to someone, like my father, or my grandfather (who I spoke about in my first post,) who quit smoking cold turkey, and they say how proud they are of me, I almost feel guilty. Vaping is basically cheating, when you think about it. I still get to inhale and exhale, I still get the hand to mouth habit, and I still get the nicotine. You’re creating a new habit, only one that’s extremely close to the one you had before, and it’s way healthier, trust me, the 50-60 minutes I’m putting on my elliptical everyday is the only proof need. Be your own guinea pig, but I’m telling you, it works.

Oh, and one last thing, don’t buy “cig-a-likes.” I’m talking about Blus and Vuse and anything else that mimics the look of an actual cigarette. Those things are trash, the flavors suck, and they’re made by big tobacco to try and cash in on this awesome way to quit smoking.

This entire post was dedicated to you, current smokers. And for all of you experienced folks out there, we’ll be doing interviews and talking about getting into building before you know it.

Stay Tuned…